Reviewing the past and anticipating the future is a typical New Year’s Eve activity. And who could make a better contribution than the Enssle-Lamprecht Duo, which was founded in 2008?

The dialogue between yesterday and today – including commissioned works – is the focus of their music. In close cooperation with the composers, they have expanded the repertoire of works for recorders and percussion. The result is over twenty new pieces. From the beginning, they have sought – in the interplay of old and new – to push back the boundaries our ability to listen.


Duo Enßle-Lamprecht
Anne-Suse Enßle – recorders
Philipp Lamprecht – drums, mediaeval percussion instruments, hurdy-gurdy


- If you feel ill, you must refrain from attending the event.

- Masks are generally compulsory, except on your seat. (We ask you to bring your own mouth and nose protection)

- The general hygiene measures count.

- The general distance rule of at least 1 meter must be observed everywhere.

. - Entrance and exit of the building and the concert hall is via several doors. You will find instructions on your ticket (above the ticket price) as to which door you must use. Please also note the time windows.

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Pretty much we have to do without at the moment:

- Break (concert duration approx. 70 minutes)

- Catering before and after the concert

- Wardrobe