If the face is the mirror of the soul, a people’s music is the reflection of the spirit of its identity, individual in origin but taking shape over time as the collective image of a cultural space that is unique and specific to that people. All music passed on and preserved in the oral tradition is the result of felicitous survival. (Jordi Savall)

With his ensemble Hespèrion XXI, Jordi Savall has been regarded from the start as a mediator between worlds, times and continents. With Spain as his point of departure, he explores the various cultures that have influenced the country, from Arab to Roma and Celtic. Drawing on sources from the 17th century, Savall has immersed himself more and more deeply in this fascinating music. This concert has a focus on Scottish and Irish culture at a time when the viola da gamba was very popular. And it was surprising to discover the creativity of the musicians of that time and how they followed folk traditions. For Savall, the various pieces unite the past and the present. In such an oral tradition, the form of the early music and language is shaped by the many mouths and ears involved. And it is new every time, because every time is different and no time is the same as now. With these thoughts Jordi Savall invites us on a musical journey through worlds old and new.

Jordi Savall – Treble Gamba & Lyra-viol
Andrew Lawrence–King – Irish Harp & Psaltery
Frank McGuire – Bodhran