… itd be much better for the world to be governed by the women in it you wouldnt see women going and killing one another and slaughtering when do you ever see women rolling around drunk like they do or gambling every penny they have and losing it on horses yes because a woman whatever she does she knows where to stop … (James Joyce Ulysses)

Dieter Schnebel (1930-2018), one of the most prominent German composers of the avant-garde and a friend of Galerie St. Barbara, devoted himself with great virtuosity to voice and language performance. In his works he often went to the limits of the human voice.

Yes, I will, Yes! is a monodrama based on Molly’s monologue at the end of James Joyce’s Ulysses. The text consists of eighty pages with zero punctuation relating the nocturnal thoughts – and strong sexual fantasies – of the protagonist. The text is partly spoken and partly transformed into a virtuoso vocal line. The accompaniment consists of a percussion part (primarily vibraphone) and an electronic playback featuring a second voice with vocal and synthetic background noises as well as Joyce’s entire spoken text (duration approx. 2.5 hrs.) played at quadruple speed.

Sarah Maria Sun premiered Schnebel’s Molly in 2016. As one of the most expressive singers and performers in the field of contemporary music, she breathes life into Molly Bloom like no other.


Sarah Maria Sun – Soprano
Johannes Fischer – Percussion
Gabriel Dernbach – Sound & Video