The collaborative projects are dedicated to modern classics on the one hand and new approaches to contemporary art on the other – as in the case of Adventures in Wonderland. Here the musicians break new ground, seeking confrontation with an artificial performance and perception reality that frustrates habitual perceptions – an interplay with unusual spatial and temporal irritations. The interweaving of image (Alfred Hitchcock, Lewis Carroll) and music in Raquel García-Tomás (Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, 2014) culminates in the perfect synaesthetic fusion of audiovisual parameters in Alexander Schubert’s Reflexion (Sensate Focus, 2014) on the relationship between man and machine and representation of the human body in the digital age involving precision synchronisation of light pulses, music and visual impressions. The program will also include works by Belma Bešlić-Gál and others.

Ensemble Phace
Sylvie Lacroix – flute
Walter Seebacher – clarinet
Ivana Pristašová – violin
Roland Schueler – cello
Mathilde Hoursiangou – piano
Tom Pauwels – electric guitar
Berndt Thurner – percussion
Alfred Reiter – sound director