In the children’s scenes that grace, that naivety that always hits the right note, that spiritual trait that often moves us so strangely in children and, while their gullibility makes us smile, also embarrasses us through the astuteness of their questions a trait that is also to be found in the early cultural days of the peoples and creates that touch of imaginative simplicity that arouses the desire for the wonderful.
Franz Liszt

Last season we initiated a new cycle together with Michael Schöch – Universum Schumann. In the course of three years (seasons) his life, his work and its effects are to be examined and made audible. On the day before the concert there will be a Salon, which will give the audience an opportunity to talk to the pianist and gain deeper insights into the music, Schumann’s life and the changes and innovations in his music.

The focus of the evening is on the familiar Scenes from Childhood, op. 15. And lest I forget what I have just composed: It was like an echo of the words you once wrote to me saying that I often seemed like a child to you. In short, it was exactly as if I were in the heyday of my youth again, and I composed about thirty quaint little things from which I have selected twelve and called them ‘Scenes from Childhood’. You will enjoy them …. Robert Schumann to Clara Schumann

Michael Schöch – piano

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