In May 2023, we started a new cycle with Michael Schöch dedicated to Alexander Scriabin, one of the most extraordinary figures in the history of music and culture. During his lifetime the response to Scriabin was divided: His followers revered him almost as a messiah, while his opponents were quick to label him a megalomaniac impostor. Although the series is structured chronologically and can be seen as one whole, each concert is also self-contained. While all composers were equally influenced by Chopin, their responses were different in each case. The programme includes music by Taneyev, Scriabin’s teacher at the Moscow Conservatory, who also taught Medtner. Glazunov was a highly acclaimed composer and was admired by his younger colleagues, including Stravinsky. He was critical of Scriabin, and of the latter’s Piano Concerto Op. 20 he said: This piece proves beyond any doubt that Scriabin has lost his mind. This concert speaks of mutual influences, the setting and subsequent new departures.

Michael Schöch – piano

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