From this season onwards, musik+ In Portrait will be dedicating one or more evenings to contemporary composers and encouraging artists, musicians and the public to discuss music, art and also society in a Salon. The great German avant-garde composer, musicologist (and also theologian) Dieter Schnebel, with whom we have realised many projects over the years, begins the new series with a world premiere. Schebel’s output is multi-faceted: in the early 1950s he was already experimenting with the sound processes spanning tone and noise; from the 1960s until the 1980s he composed countless concept pieces to liberate the material (e.g. Orchestra: symphonic music for mobile musicians); his sound and speech compositions are also ground-breaking (e.g. Glossolalie, 1960/5 or dt 31.6 (1958, 65), the Maulwerke etc…). As well as the search for new forms of expression, Dieter Schnebel is also interested in tradition. In many compositions and ‘work groups’ (e.g. Re-Visionen, 1972–92 or Tradition, 1975– …) he reinterprets forms and works from the baroque to the modern age. Over the course of three days (9, 10 and 11 November) the Salon provides a unique opportunity to gain an insight into the multifaceted work of this composer, now 86 years old, and to meet him personally.

Michael Schöch, Hannes Chr. Hadwiger – Organ
Michael Oberaigner – Percussion
Peter Bombardelli – Accordion

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