It is a long time since Djamchid Chemirani, the master of the Persian goblet drum, came to Hall with his sons Bijan and Keyvan. It is a rare pleasure to listen to the three musicians. What is so fascinating is the variety of sounds and emotions expressed through these simple instruments – the tombak or zarb, the principal percussion instrument of classical Persian music. Each piece unfolds to form an artistic carpet woven with rhythmic patterns. Djamchid Chemirani went to Paris back in 1962. In Tehran he was a student of the legendary Hossein Tehrani. His sons are his most gifted pupils. As representatives of classical Persian music, they broaden our musical horizons through the convincing integration of sounds and emotions from a wide variety of the world’s cultural traditions. When the grand master plays with his sons, and improvisations and variations unfold over the basic rhythm, it is like listening to oriental poetry.

Trio Chemirani
Djamchid Chemirani – zarb
Keyvan Chemirani – zarb, daf
Bijan Chemirani – zarb, saz, daf

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