Barbara Strozzi (1619-1677) was an extraordinary individual of the 17th century. She grew up in Venice as the adoptive daughter of the influential lawyer and poet Giulio Strozzi, who founded the Accademia degli Unisoni in 1637. To foster her musical talent, she was given lessons by Cavalli and Cesti. She led a remarkable life, not only as an artist, but also as a woman. With her four children from her relationship with a married nobleman, she lived with her father before moving into a house of her own in Cannaregio. This stimulated the imagination of her contemporaries; she was also rumoured to be a courtesan. In Venice, Barbara Strozzi was considered to be the most prolific composer of printed secular vocal music in the mid-17th century; eight volumes of her music appeared in print. The Hathor Consort led by Romina Lischka explores Fama and Reality in a programme with Dorothee Mields and Hana Blažíková.

Dorothee Mields & Hana Blažíková – soprano
Hathor Consort
Lidewij van der Voort – violin
Angela Ambrosini – key fiddle
Margit Übellacker – Salterio
Matthias Spaeter – theorbo, baroque guitar
Sarah Ridy – harp
Francis Jacob – organ
Ltg: Romina Lischka – bass viol


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