For many years he has been researching the influence of traditional music from France and Great Britain on the kunstmusik of the baroque: François Lazarevitch with Les Musiciens de Saint-Julien. He has already appeared twice at music+ with the dancer Yvon Guilcher, delighting the public with extensive, vibrant evenings. In one of his current projects, this flautist and bagpipe player explores ancient Christmas carols that have survived to our times and researched their origins with the arrangements of Charpentier, Delalande and Corrette. Lazarevitch recreates the wonderful works of ancient folk music and gives them back their regional colour and accents: the unbelievable variety of tone colours in the pastorals with flutes, oboes and bagpipes and imaginative decorations which remind us that many Christmas carols began as dances or drinking songs. Together with the Do-Re-Mi Voice Studio, these French musicians will help you to forget the stressful pre-Christmas period and put you in the perfect mood for beautiful festivities.

Gesangsstudio Do-Re-Mi, Director: Irina Golubkova
Les Musiciens de Saint-Julien
David Greenberg, Sophie Iwamura – Violin
Nicolas Sansarlat – Viola
Isabelle Sauveur – Organ
Enea Sorini – Voice, Dulcimer, Percussion
Elsa Frank – Oboe, Recorder
Anaïs Ramage – Bassoon, Recorder
Director: François Lazarevitch – Flutes, Bagpipes

Avec le soutien de la Spedidam.

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