We are familiar with his St John Passion, a miniature masterpiece of simple elegance in which the choruses take on the colour of the lush gold which adorns the face of the Madonna in the frescos of Telemann’s time.

If you speak of the St John Passion here, most people only think to associate it with J.S. Bach or the Gregorian choral in the Good Friday liturgy. The fact that Alessandro Scarlatti, master composer of Neapolitan opera, created a memorial to the Italian baroque with his St John Passion, is less well known. Composed around the year 1700, Scarlatti strictly followed the Catholic liturgical guidelines of his time: The Gospel narrative as monodic recitative String instruments accompany the words of Christ; the brief four-part Turbae (choruses of the people) and a few important text sections such as the Judas scene and the death of Jesus.

The Argentine conductor Leonardo Garci Alarcón, who is already celebrated throughout Europe for his interpretations of ancient music, performs in the Tyrol with his ensemble for the first time.

Giuseppina Bridelli – Evangelista
Salvo Vitale – Christ
Chœur de Chambre de Namur
Millenium Orchestra
Cappella Mediterranea
Director: Leonardo García Alarcón

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