This year is the 20th anniversary of the Marini-Consort-Innsbruck. In combination with Galerie St. Barbara’s jubilee, that makes 70 years of Tyrolean music history to be celebrated – with Christmas music from the Viennese court in the mid-17th century. In the Baroque period, the Vienna Hofmusikkapelle experienced a heyday with the three music-loving emperors Ferdinand III, Leopold I and Charles VI, and many prominent contemporary musicians were active at the Viennese court. In addition to better known composers like Johannes Caspar Kerll (a pupil of Johann Jakob Froberger and Giacomo Carissimi), who worked in Vienna between 1674 and 1683 as court organist, organist at St. Stephen’s Cathedral and keyboard teacher – works by such less well known Italians as Giovanni Valentini and Giovanni Battista Pederzuoli will also be performed. The latter served in Vienna under the Empress Dowager Eleonora from 1677 until her death in 1686 as organist and later as Kapellmeister. During that period he wrote his Trialogo nel natale del Signore (from the bedchamber library of Emperor Leopold I) – A delightful imaginative piece in celebration of Christmas, in which the shepherds are replaced by three allegorical figures: Humanity, Divinity and Night. Many more rarely performed gems and music of the occident will be played by the Tyrolean ensemble for early music.

Ulrike Hofbauer, Maria Ladurner – soprano
Hozan Temburwan – baglama

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