Ilija Trojanow breaks new ground with his novel performance. In 2020, the writer was already working intensively with music – together with the Ensemble Modern – and in 2021 he created the literary concept for The Universal Compass (an event for human rights). For this cooperative project, Trojanow goes even further. A Thousand and one Mornings is a passionate portrait of its brave heroine Cya. Trojanow combines narrative virtuosity and critical thinking to create a modern epic that transcends all boundaries, illuminates time and space, and ventures a fresh look into the future. With sensual images and exuberant stories, Ilija Trojanow reinvents the utopian novel – a novel that speaks of the inexhaustible power of human thought. On the basis of his novel, and in collaboration with Ensemble Modern’s Dietmar Wiesner and Sava Stoianov, Trojanow creates a programme in which art forms coalesce. The music, which adds a new dimension to the heroine’s journeys through time and space, was created especially for the project

Ilija Trojanow – Speaker & Text
Ensemble Modern:
Dietmar Wiesner – flute
Sava Stoianov – trumpet


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